A pictorial and written documentary of Army Air Corps life inside one of the most famous Fighter Groups of WWII:

The 354th 'Pioneer' Mustang Fighter Group.

As a late depression era 26 year old, Lawrence Wood worked at Ford Motor Company in Chicago, 350 miles from his hometown of Ft. Dodge Iowa.


His immediate enlistment after Dec. 7th 1941 made him a top pick for the Army Air Corps trainable airplane mechanics that would eventually tend the “Pioneering” North American P-51 Mustang Fighter.


His training, travel, and victories with the 354th Fighter Group have been well documented by many pilot authored books and war statisticians. I wanted to reinforce the crew chief and crews involvement with access to these very insightful and interesting first hand photos and memorabilia.


This book is dedicated to Lawrence A. Wood and the United States Air Forces 354th Fighter Group and all who served in WWII and today. 

Signing books at the California Capital Airshow 10/6 & 10/7, 2019


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